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Koukou Debut

This will be the first time I've written a review for a manga. Normally I don't tend to write reviews for anime or manga. Anime because I haven't seen anything outstanding I want to write about and manga, because I read most of them far too quickly for me to write a proper review. That and the fact that most the stuff I read is ongoing which makes it kinda difficult to write a review. And anyway that is what MAL is for. :)

Okay, LJ is being a retard today and I can't seem to format any of this entry at all so I'll fix it up later.

Well I finished this manga just recently(last week probably) and I enjoyed it on so many levels that I felt like it deserved a mini-review from me.

"The series follows the relationship between Haruna Nagashima, an enthusiastic former softball star, and Yoh Komiyama, the cool boy she convinces to coach her in romance."

For starters, it's shoujo. YAY! You know what this means? It means romance, and cuteness. In this case we also get COMEDY. Lord knows, there's a huge amount of comedy in this but that's what left it's impression on me.

What I found the most interesting and relieving about this manga was the heroine was not a complete idiot. I've seen too many of those characters who lack originality or depth and it's really starting to grate my nerves when I see one. You know the type who gets down at everything and misunderstands everything that goes on around her, generally making herself look weak and stuff so the guy can come and rescue her(so sweet! Not.)

Nono, Haruna is probably the most cheerful and craziest girl you will ever meet. It's funny how most shoujos begin with the heroine bagging herself a hot dude WITHOUT trying to be cute or anything at all. Haruna is completely different. She devoted her whole middle school life to softball and now she's in highschool, her only goal is to find a boyfriend.

We go on a journey to see Haruna's attempts to get "picked up". Mind I also mention "fail" attempts? Yes she never once managed to succeed in getting picked up and when she was in her most despair moment, prince charming Yoh appears to save the damsel and becomes her coach in getting a boyfriend! With the condition that she will never fall in love with him. Little did he know that he would be the one who falls in love first. Ah the joys of shoujo, making our dreams and fantasies come true. LOL.

Things don't always go smoothly for them. They're both beginners in love and while most shoujos have a hell load of kissing going on, Koukou Debut focuses mainly on relationship development and highschool life. There's the occasional kissing and other intimate stuff but they don't get far......XDDDD

To be honest, the manga is like every other highschool manga. The plot isn't exactly new or original or what since it follows...well..highschool. You can't exactly get very original with highschool stuff. I mean all they do is...go to school. LOL. Study, have fun etc etc. So what made me give this manga a really high score were the characters.

Oh yes, this manga had a whole bag full of strange characters. But while they were strange they were unique and interesting. I was a little disappointed they didn't elaborate on one of the characters but other than that small nitpick, they were good. Haruna especially. There were parts that really made me smile, made me sympathize, made me laugh and in general, made me happy to be reading such a great manga. There isn't much of that sorrowful heart clenching in this but more of the lighthearted cheerfulness. There were many times I actually said out loud, "Haruna, you are seriously fucking crazy." but bear in mind. It's a "good" crazy. :)

It's a relatively short manga. Especially when you compare with other shoujos. There's only 52 chapters but I felt like that was enough. It had a very nice round ending and to be honest I think the mangaka has sucked all of the concept dry enough,so yep it ends on a happy note.

My rating: 9/10

Tomb Raider: Underworld


I think I've already mentioned how crap this game is many times by now. And for those who've played it will know exactly what I mean.

For starters, what irked me the most was the camera. It was just goddamn awful. So bloody awful that within the first hour or so of playing the game I had a severe headache that caused me to take time out to PHYSICALLY lie down and wait for it to recover. Like seriously, I actually felt ill! After a while I got used to it and could a few more hours in a row but my head would occasionally hurt from time to time when I had to do some serious surrounding exploration. And don't get me started on some of the glitches. D:

Okay, I'll put aside the crap camera controls for just now since who knows, it could just be me who has this problem. But I mean, what on earth happened to the puzzle adventure element of the game?! The puzzles are far too easy, for example in one of the ruins where you had to obtain 4 colour block keys, you could get one of them by just walking through a door. Seriously. It's just not challenging anymore. It wasn't even worth my time trying to solve them using logic because it was so pointless.

Next up the story. it's a followup to Legends so it talks a little bit about Avalon and Lara's mother. Okay fine, I get the point but to me it felt like the whole game was basically meeting Natla, learning about Thor's hammer, obtaining Thor's hammer then killing Natla. Um...not very interesting guys...what was good about Legends was that it felt very mysterious, the plot was more about "discovery" which made it very intruiging for the player but just wasn't on par.

And I also didn't like the combat very much. It used to be so cool being Lara and whipping out her pistols to kill pests in tombs and whatnot but now it's just....not fun. I can't describe it very well but for me it wasn't a really noteworthy element of the game at all.

Infact, the highlight of the entire game was obtaining Thor's hammer. In which case I had a real good blast zapping enemies with Mjolnir because I'm a sadisitic bitch but even that got destroyed when Lara flung it at Natla. MY MJOLNIR! ARE YOU MAD LARA?! IT'S THE BEST WEAPON EVER YOU DUMBASS! GO GET IT BACK FFS!

And so here concludes my tragic report about this stupid game. I had heard reports it was crap but I didn't know it would so bad to this extent. Now that I've played it I don't even feel like it was worth the £6 I paid for the game. Nevermind the number of precious hours of my life that I wasted to play this, I would have probably been better off reading a plot summary guide online somewhere and just learning the story from there. ;_;

But not all hope is lost! There is an upcoming TR game for the PS3 produced by Square Enix. Squaresoft used to be pretty good before they merged with Enix and then the FF games produced thereon went downhill. I hope this won't be another disappointment from them considering I had a look at some of the promotional pictures and it seems TR is going in a totally different direction. I mean Lara even has a bow! And she looks so realistic and different now which I sure hope isn't just going to be the main thing in the game because focus on graphics means slax gameplay and that is something I DO NOT WANT. When will game companies ever realize that for true gamers who play games most often and are the ones willing to spend the most on games always prioritize gameplay over graphics? Idiots.

Difficulty level: Easy (if you still find it hard google a guide, seriously there's tonnes and they'll get you whizzing through the game super fast)
Camera controls: Shit
Plot: Average. Wasn't exactly that thrilling or interesting
Combat: Wasn't really necessary but being able to use the hammer later on was really fun.

My rating: 5/10 (I don't tend to score things this low but I would never ever recommend this game to anyone. Serious.)

The Life and Times of a Sentinel

I wasn't going to write a review for this at first despite it being another series I've been watching everyday. Why? Because it's another historical-fiction drama that all seem to have the same bloody plot with no originality whatsoever. What made me change my mind was the last episode. It was simply freaking epic. I couldn't even see it coming and it really left me lost for words.

"The sudden death of the young Shun-chi Emperor (Shunzhi) shocked the whole kingdom. The second prince Fuk-tsuen, was originally the successor for the throne, but Empress Dowager Hao-chong (Xiaozhuang) changed the successor to the third prince Yuen-yip, who subsequently becomes the Hong-hei Emperor (Kangxi). Angry with this, Fuk-tsuen dispatchs a spy, Nip Dor-po, and instructs him to gain Hong-hei's trust."

OHYUSH. MORE SPYING! YAY! Not. The series has a very climatic start off in episode 1 with Fuk-tsuen trying to overthrow the current Emperor and slowly they reveal all the lies and deceit the Empress Dowager had been hiding. We also see how Nip Dor-po comes into this power struggle so basically they spoiled the entire series in episode 1 by showing you the ending and the other 25 episodes are there to show you how they reached that conclusion. Bit crappy right?

Not at all. This was precisely the reason why it kept me intrigued. Dramas that don't have a good first episode usually get thrown into the dump pile for me so this was highly interesting. Not only does it show you the process, it also introduces a whole bunch of other characters who aren't shown in episode 1 mainly because...well...they died before they could reach the ending. Yes be prepared for a lot of tragic death moments. But for a historic drama, this is pretty much expected. It might feel and seem stupid to have so many characters but they all play their role in this drama. Each and every character has their purpose for existence, be it to use others or to be used by others. The background struggle between the various consorts and concubines within the forbidden palace, although not emphasized in this drama will always remain a crucial part in these kind of dramas because that's where all the drama originally comes from. There's actually a really good historic drama that focuses on that struggle which was also another big hit in HK except I can't remember the name just now haha, if you're interested then let me know and I will go look it up.

Anyway since we already know the ending in this drama, you ask what's the point in watching it? Exactly my thoughts but it has this irrrestiable charm to it that kept me watching for a whole month and to this day, I'm still unsure of what is is. Maybe it's just that feeling I had that Fuk-tsuen won't be able to overthrow the Emperor despite his army and the evidence to prove his inheritence right and I wasn't to see how he got thwarted in the end and by WHOM. Cause they didn't show this in episode 1, though most of us have already guessed who's mostly likely to be that person. XD I'll point out here that it was thanks to the last episode that made me write this huge long assed review. They left out a HUGE bit in episode 1 that becomes absolutely neccessary in the final episode to destroy Fuk-tsuen's plans. And you will never guess what it is. Heck even I couldn't see it coming despite being a crazy drama fan. At first I was shocked that my mum had guessed it, but then she told me she only knew because the lead actor mentioned it in an interview. Way to spoil things man. So yes, this was a huge factor in me enjoying the show even if it was only the last episode. 

Now that I'm done talking about the surprise element. Let's focus a bit more on the story itself. Basically the story is Fuk-tsuen manipulating those around him to do his bidding(be it killing off enemies in his way or bribing/threatening them to stand on his side) and how those close to him react to his malicious nature. Here I must complement Kenneth Ma's absolutely stunning acting, his portrayal of Fuk-tsuen's two faced nature was absolutely perfect. Expressions like glares, smiles, smirks, shock, you name them, he did them. And he did them EXTREMELY WELL. Despite that, the story isn't anything really new. Within the walls of the forbidden place, it was either to kill or be killed. If you didn't fight and defend yourself, you'd get killed off by some other. Peaceful days? HAH! Never. So while all these people were fighting each other for survival, Fuk-tsuen uses this change to gather supporters and enact his evil plans. What makes it so intriguing is HOW FAR he's willing to go for his plan. He'll stop at nothing even his family doesn't matter much to him when it comes to his big plan. So yep, a huge bundle of complicated relationships to boot.

Other than those few points, this drama doesn't really have much outstanding things I could talk about. Oh, unless you count the detail in the costumes and such but then the other historic drama I mentioned before had even more elaborate designs but since those designs were a huge focus in that drama I guess it was natural for it to be better. Well anyway I enjoyed this drama. It may not be the best one out there, but it's definitely something worth checking out if you have time to.

My rating: 9/10

P.S. The new drama that airs on Monday looks shit in comparison ;_; I am sad. And also I completed Tomb Raider yesterday but I'm too lazy to write a review so I'll delay that a few days so expect it sometime after tomorrow.

Lives Of Omission

Ah so today I went to Xscape with some friends and had a blast on the ice slide though that is not to say I came home without scratches....yes I have been given this lovely bruise on the back of my leg which aches when I try to walk and also my back hurts. Charming.

(I will laugh if Lauren reads this XD) 

And I still haven't finished Tomb Raider. It's so crap that I've been playing it at an extremely slow pace...but fear not, I have one chapter left to go which I will probably complete tomorrow if I'm not too lazy so the review will be up shortly....anyway let's get onto the main point of this journal post.


Figured it was about time I wrote a review for this C-Drama since I've been patiently waiting everynight for a new episode. LIKEOMGWTF? ME? WAITING? SAY WHAT?

Personally I LOVE dramas about cops and the mafia. And also the main character Laughing is a very popular character(YES CHARACTER NOT ACTOR) in HK-Drama history thanks to his previous identity in the famous drama E.U where he worked as an outstanding undercover cop who died in the line of duty when he was found out by the mafia. His tragic death actually led to Michael Tse's fame in the acting industry and this drama was created as a spin-off from E.U.

Trust me, Laughing the character is actually so popular in HK that even most of us asians who live abroad actually know about him. I think Michael goes on variety shows more as Laughing rather than as Michael. Not that it's a bad thing since Laughing has a very unique character that I think Michael portrays very well, so well I actually think that might be similar to his REAL personality but then I don't know actors very well so yeah...XD

Anyway enough about the main character even if he was partly the reason why I watched this drama....the story itself so far(episode 18 aired today) is very captivating. It's one of those dramas that you KNOW what's going to happen in the end but you get really curious as to HOW they get that ending and that's what makes you watch it. It's dramatic, has it's good comedy and "OMGWTF" moments and for me I think the characters are pretty decent especially Laughing. (Yes, he's also called Laughing in this drama again XD)

Basically the story is as follows: (copied from wiki cause I'm lazy)

"Working as an undercover for many years, Laughing (Michael Tse) escapes from all calamity. Two years ago, he underwent special training to become a mute and worked in mainland China as an undercover. Closely working with the mainland Chinese police, Laughing successfully busts an illegal armed weaponry organisation and resumes his identity as a police officer in Hong Kong. He is appointed as head instructor of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB), specialising in seeking and training CIB recruits in undercover work.

Laughing, however, is unable to adapt to the stress in the discipline of police life and becomes a rogue cop. To get his jobs done quicker, he hires the gangster Michael So (Bosco Wong) as his informant. On the surface, Laughing and Michael appear to be good brothers, but in fact both have their own purpose, mutually taking advantage of one another. Feeling as if Laughing is holding him back from "moving up" in the triad, Michael betrays Laughing and decides to work alone. To tackle down the triad's crimes, Laughing applies to be an undercover once again."

Thanks to a friend reminding me that I write too much spoilers for my reviews, I'll leave it here. That and the fact for the past 18 episodes I've watched it everyday meaning I can't exactly remember what happened a week ago so the only thing that's clear in my mind is today's episode and well...I'm not about to tell you what that's about and ruin it for you. :P

My rating: 9/10

Protect The Boss

And once again I have fallen into the pitfall trap known as "Drama Addiction". And here I said to Old Grampies Zane that I wasn't addicted too....what a hypocrite I am.

K-Drama this time, this makes this my...2nd K-Drama? The first one being Lie To Me except I haven't finished watching it yet because it got a little boring after a while so maybe someday when I finish it I'll write a review haha.

"No Eun Seol finally gets a job as a secretary at a law firm after struggling with unemployment, only to fall in love with her boss, Cha Ji Heon, the immature youngest son of a chaebol family."

A little cliche don't you think? At first I thought it was very similar to a manga I've read before but I slowly realized it was very very different. What makes this drama unique are the character personalities. Sure the main heroine is your typical girl with poor family background and being troubled by money problems because of unemployment who meets a wealthy heir of a big financial company and becomes his secretary after many unexpected events. Sound boring so far? Well fear not, next we see the boss. Mr.Boss is a very unique character with a very unusual but cute(from my view anyway) personality and he also happens to be different from your normal manly handsome boss because he has a very peculiar disorder. 

This disorder causes his much trouble in his life due to the fact that one day he will have to suceed his father's company. As a boss he would have to attend meetings and give speeches like it's a normal everyday event such as eating. But the problem is his disorder wouldn't allow that. Yes Mr.Boss has Agoraphobia. More commonly known as Panic Disorder because of similar symptoms although Agoraphobia is a fear of having panic attacks which causes the patient more stress when they have a panic attack. 

You're probably thinking how on earth Mr.Boss is going to succeed his father and become Chairman if he has a disorder like that? Well that's what the drama's story is all about and how the heroine comes into show.  Together they struggle through many events that could cost her to lose her job and him his reputation. (not that he has much anyway as you'll find out.) Let's not forget the supporting female lead(let's call her Miss Unlucky since she IS pretty unlucky in this drama) who likes Mr Boss and thinks Miss Secretary is seducing him when she's not looking. Along with the supporting male lead Mr Director who likes Miss Unlucky except he's rejected and is left heartbroken.

Then just as you think everything is going along smoothly for all of them. BANG. Triangle relationship crops up. As for who's involved in it, I'll let you find that out yourself. I feel like I can't write much for this drama because the spoilers really would ruin the drama for you so I'd ask you watch it yourself instead.

Lastly I will say that I just love the Boss's character. Normally it's the heroine who does the talking to herself kinda thing but this time Mr Boss does it too! And he does it in an extremely amusing way too. Also his facial expressions are hiliarious so be prepared for a lot of giggling and smiling in this drama. 

My rating: 9/10

Assassin's Creed

 Oh yes, I'm a little slow with game updates since I was working after I finished this game and never had a chance to write a small review. Anyway I only just got around to playing the FIRST Assassin's Creed but it's not bad and I'll definitely play the sequel because I want to find out what happens next. I completed this like..last Tuesday I think? Or was it Wednesday? One of those anyway. It's definitely a shorter game than I imagined because I didn't even need a week to complete it and I was already playing sparsely, probably a total of 3-4 days of gameplay over a span of perhaps say. 20-30 hours?

I'll start by saying this game was not what I had expected, well plot wise anyway. The gameplay was sort of how I imagined it, an anonymous assassin completing missions for a clan/group with the option of hidden weapons for stealth assassinations or a full frontal sword battle with the target and the guards as well as being able to gather data on targets and so on. Assassin stuff I'll call it. :P

That was the part I was expecting anyway. Which I got. However what I was surprised at when I first played the game was that this was not happening in real time. Our main character is NOT Altair the assassin, but his descendant, Desmond who to find this uh...treasure thingy had been kidnapped and made to use a machine called the Animus to search his ancestor's memory for the location of this treasure thingy.


Collapse )

To be honest, I don't have much to say about this game. It's very straightforward and linear. You CANNOT get lost in this game because it basically TELLS you what you have to do and WHERE to go about doing it. Seriously, it's so easy, you cannot fail unless you cannot fight. And while I just remembered, please remember to brush up on your sword combat skills, don't always rely on stealth assassinations because there will be a time when you CANNOT use stealth. Also, I wouldn't bother mastering how to dodge or break guards, you just need to make sure you know how to counter, and COUNTER WELL. Grab break is fairly easy because once someone grabs you, you get about a second to mash the O button to break the grab so that's not a bother either.

Difficulty level: Low (linear game & short story)
Time completed: 30-40 hours. Probably less but definitely not more.
Controls: Average. I think I had a dodgy controller for one of the boss battles because I had to kill about 30 guards before it would let me kill the target all because I accidentally went down the stairs instead of up.(FYI it was Richard I think) Surprisingly I didn't die.
Story: Alright. As a stand alone, it definitely sucks but since there's a sequel it actually does make sense and ends nicely.

My rating: 7/10. Sorry didn't really enjoy this one that much.

Next up is Tomb Raider: Underworld. I've heard shoddy reports about this one being shit but I guess I'll have to try and see for myself. My favourite TR game is Legends and probably will be unless the upcoming TR game is amazing. Well I've always enjoyed the series since action/adventure games like TR and Uncharted are amongst my all-time favourite titles for the Playstation.

Valkyria Chronicles

 Okay so for the past week or so I've been playing this game and enjoying it IMMENSELY.

First thing I'll say is this game is very very different from your typical RPGs. It's more strategy and tactic based HOWEVER it's layout is very different from a normal strategy game because once you select a character from the overhead map, you get to move this character in 3rd person, walk around until your AP runs out to find enemies and get to attack ONCE per turn. What makes this game so brilliant isn't because of it's gameplay, although the gameplay itself is very interesting and fun to play sometimes it can get a little tactical and difficult without a proper strategy. The brilliance for me anyway, lies in it's very beautiful watercolour anime style graphics and it's touching story on war.
I can't really describe this game very well, it's one of those you have to play yourself to understand why it's so good. There's also an anime for this series based loosely on the game but if you want the full story I would recommend playing the game yourself to understand it better. The game isn't too difficult since I completed it within 50 hours of gameplay, give or take a few hours since I tend to leave the game idle at times to watch TV or during breaks. If it gets too challenging, gamefaqs has a full strategy guide that can take you through the game easily. And although I wouldn't do that, it can be very useful for some of the missions especially the desert duel with Maximillian.
Collapse )
Final Mission Rankings - On first playthrough
A: 3 (7 if including report missions)
B: 10 (11 if including report missions)
C: 7
D :3
My rating: 9/10 Now I will go entertain myself by replaying the missions to obtain As while I wait for my new games to arrive. :3

Hakushaku To Yosei Chapter 8 Translation

 So this is my first time cleaning and typesetting a manga, goodness knows I used to think it was pretty easy to do but actually going through 40 pages of manga and erasing out all the text in the speechbubbles is pretty time consuming. Nevermind the harder part of cloning and redrawing the patterns and background scenes where text previously covered it. Also who knew typesetting was more difficult than just TYPING words? You have to determine what size fits best and how to arrange the words so it flows on the page and is easy to read. Oh and knowing when to change fonts to create impact, another extra job that I didn't know about.

I am by far a pro at this so the cleaning and redrawing in some parts are very rough and also the typesetting is not exactly perfect but I'm doing this for free so no nitpicking please! :)

Size: 40.36MB [Compressed RAR]
Credits: Included in download
Note: I don't mind if you upload this to other manga sites but please do not remove the credits page because the translations and raws do not belong to me. I only did the cleaning and typesetting and I want to credit the proper people, thank you.

Persona 4

 Holy shet, this game was amazing. Like srsly, I would recommend it if you like RPGs because it is BEAST. (As in awesome I meant XD)

From wikipedia:

Persona 4 takes place in the fictional, rural Japanese town of Inaba, which lies among floodplains and has its own high school and shopping districts. Unexplained murders have taken place in the small town, where bodies are found dangling among television antennas and their cause of death unknown. At the same time, rumor has begun to spread that watching a switched-off television set on rainy midnights will reveal a person's soulmate. Following the rumor, a group of high-school students discovered a fog-shrouded world accessed through television sets infested with monsters called Shadows. They also discovered each of their Shadow Selves, symbolizing their suppressed personalities. Confronting their Shadow Selves awakened their ability to summon beings known as Personas. Using Personas, the students formed the Investigation Team to investigate the connection between the TV world and the murders, and possibly capture the culprit.

I bought this game last summer when Code and Niwa kept advertising how good it was but never got around to playing it until this year and I must say they are 100% correct. The game is FANTASTIC.

Collapse )
Level I played on: Beginner (8D)
Time taken for completion: 72 hours
Social Links: 6/18 maxed. Out of the ones you have to work for. There's a few links that get maxed out with the story anyway(like Star) so I didn't count those.
Highest level character: 82 (Main character LOL)
Highest level Persona: 86 (Beelzebub - Devil maxed)
My Rating: 9/10